Thursday, 19 December 2013

You can add honey cosmetics and various aromatic oils

With the help of clean pores, radiant, smooth skin, which becomes much less prone to the appearance of pimples and other "joys of life." Aligned even skin tone, it might look "shine" from the inside. Also good honey as an ingredient for feeding and hydrating masks, and it goes well with a wide variety of products. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Good "companions" in this regard - honey and olive oil, honey and milk, honey and oatmeal (turns soft scrub), honey and lemon (good option for oily skin + way to align the skin tone).

You can add honey cosmetics and various aromatic oils - it is important to choose the one whose effect is most suitable for your skin type or problem that you want to eliminate. More honey can be used as a lip balm - however, it is important to keep you and do not lick the sweetness before it has time to nourish the skin)).

In addition, dealing with honey on land skin, you can fix the problem - for example, if you suddenly begins to "climb round" nose better way than you can imagine. Dr. Charles Livingston

Do not forget that for all its unprecedented usefulness of honey is quite aggressive allergen because swipe sample - apply a small amount of product on the inside of the wrist or neck and hold on 15 minutes. If there was a noticeable redness, rash - alas, honey cosmetics is not for you.

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