Thursday, 19 December 2013

The meat consumption makes people more irritable

During the slaughtering of the animal body is produced by a large number of hormones and biologically active substances, which together with the meat into human beings. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Vegetarians argue that people should be sure that he eats. And when we buy meat at the store or at the market, we cannot be completely sure that the meat is not a sick animal. Risk of contracting various diseases we expose ourselves by eating well and milk, and eggs.

And another important point - the meat consumption makes people more irritable, aggressive and excitatory. It happens unconsciously, on a subconscious level. Vegetarians pay great attention to the compatibility of food. Knowing the composition of the products, you can combine them, making their menu varied and not to think about meat.

With well-chosen proportions lack of some substances in the body will be covered with the consumption of others. It was established that the diet consists mainly of long-lived products of vegetable origin, especially cereals.

Legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products carefully. And the flesh, especially smoked and canned form, they consume very rare. Home Workout Generator

Vegetarianism: recommendations largest specialists - To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is enough to follow the recommendations of the largest specialists in the field of nutrition and vegetarianism. Give up consuming too much fat. It should be 30 to 41% of total calories.

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