Thursday, 19 December 2013

The number of calories burned

Today women spend only 13.3 hours weekly. As a result, significantly reduces the number of calories burned. Comparing this figure, the researchers found that today, housewives burn an average of about 360 calories less. And while that remains when running washing machine or dishwasher, women spend pastime watching TV, computer or snacks. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

However, in the case of women workers observed a somewhat different situation. Nonetheless, they spend an average of 132 calories less. Researchers predict a further reduction in the time spent on household chores that will significantly reduce energy consumption and, consequently, possible obesity.

It should also be noted that despite a significant reduction of gender differences, women still perform all the basic household chores. If current trends continue, women will have to wait until 2050 before men will be engaged in housekeeping along with their mate. It is known that a universal method of hair removal does not currently exist.

It is considered that to determine the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair can only individually, but despite this, there are some general guidelines for choosing the most appropriate method of hair removal. Dr. Charles Livingston

Thanks to a recent study, scientists were able to establish that the method of laser hair removal is most effective for women with dark hair, and owners of light and gray hair is more suitable method of removing unwanted hair using ultrasound.

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